Distribution of Relief for Vulnerable beneficiaries


On 17th September 2020, Bangsamoro Development Agency facilitates the distribution of relief by the Amal Foundation of Malaysia Kelantan branch at Tugaya, Lanao der Sur, BARMM Mindanao, Philippines.

The donation goes to 50 families from two villages at Barangay Dilimbayan and Barangay Pindolunan, situated at the municipality of Tugaya. the donation given is for those families that were affected by the Covid -19 pandemic.

This event was officiated by  Ir Alioden S. Sangcopan that representing BARMM and AMAL Malaysia Kelantan Branch was represented by Mr Abdul Hamid bin Seman

Even though there were some families who did not receive the food packs due to limited package, the distribution has been successfully delivered to the vulnerable beneficiaries. All the families were thankful for the relief that was delivered to them. We hope to get more aid to be distributed to needy families.




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  1. Thia is a very timely relief for the vulnerable families of both Barangays it is also in response to the covid-19 Pandemic crisis.

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